Changing the Way America Buys Cars

NO NEED for the hustle and bustle of traveling between car dealerships to shop for a vehicle, as well as the time consuming negotiating process you have to endure once you’ve found a vehicle you’re interested in.

We have an ever-changing inventory of trade-in vehicles from our current clientele and we are wholesale buyers that purchase vehicles specifically requested by our clients. We buy our pre-owned vehicles from professionally operated auto auctions, which also happen to be the largest auto auctions across the nation. The types of vehicles bought and sold at these auctions range from demos, lease returns, corporate executive returns, trade-ins from new car purchases and more. Why settle for something parked on a car lot, WRONG color and WRONG equipment, when you can special order the exact pre-owned vehicle you want?

At Auto Vault, our definition of a pre-owned vehicle may very well re-shape your way of thinking. With a few exceptions, we can purchase current year model vehicles at the auctions all year around even when new car dealerships are still selling these on their lots! The biggest advantage for you is that someone else has already taken “the hit” for the initial depreciation. There are many times when we can buy these current model vehicles with as little as 1,000 miles on them!

Our clients are truly “customers for life”. Once you experience the ease of purchasing a vehicle with Auto Vault you will never again want to subject yourself to the old-school way of conducting business. If you’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, give us a call, text or email today and we will go over the specifics of your dream car.